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Explore our exclusive collection of capes and ponchos in natural hemp and boiled cotton fabrics.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of medieval style with our timeless clothes.
Authentic natural materials that bring back the charm of the Middle Ages with durable hemp clothing and the old but durable crepey look of medieval fabrics.
Our cape expresses a blend of medieval world charm with modern boho aesthetics.
Dress up in a hooded poncho and imagine yourself in medieval times, or have fun with friends on theme nights.
The comfort offered by the poncho is essential, especially since the soft semi-thick hemp and cotton fabric sits fluidly on any figure.
Join us on our journey through time.
At Foxenia, we are dedicated to a world where style is synonymous with responsibility. Our collection embodies what is good, beautiful and useful.
Prioritize sustainability by using natural fabrics that reduce our ecological footprint.
Rediscover history or embrace a modern twist on medieval style.

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Medieval hemp cape/Hooded Poncho/Hooded Cape/Hemp Cape/Hemp Jacket/Long Poncho/Hippie Poncho/Boyfriend Gifts


Ascetic Monk Tunic


Hemp cape with hood/Poncho with hood/Medieval cloak/Hooded cloak/Hemp cape/Christmas gift/Hemp jacket/Long Poncho/Hippie Poncho